Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Here In My Home - Malaysian Artistes For Unity

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A song that truely warms my heart. I think it speaks the voice of many Malaysians, home or abroad.

Video, music, lyrics Downloads at their site. Spread the words fellow Malaysians. Sing along!

Update: Check here for the writer Pete Teo's interview, and Pete Teo unscripted video


Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking us. UWA? You might be surprised to know we're Perth based as well, Curtin (un)fortunately.

Tzu Yen said...

That's cool! Didn't notice it.
Was the interview over the phone or did someone hopped on a flight?
What do you guys do at Infidel Media?

Ir. Dr. K.C. Ng said...

Haha...Here In My Home, prices of oil and food keep increasing..so is the cost of living...oh..oh..oh..the government and their policies...now we save more, spend less...entertainment industry will be sent packing...oh..oh..oh...
Haha...in Perth you stay, to make a better living...oh..oh...oh...in uk i stay....to stay away from working without earning...oh..oh..oh..Maybe we can just say here in my home...i just keep getting the bashing :(

Tzu Yen said...

That's a very sad outlook. Life is more than working and earn a better living, isn't it? I subscribe to the view of Gandhi - be the change you want to see happen.

Ir. Dr. K.C. Ng said...

Life is certainly more than working and earning better living; like to be able live life happy especially when you can get to see your kids go to university and not denied entry due to a reason not his fault, your family well fed and live their lives with you with ease, you still being able to spend quality time with them, and etc. Gandhi stood for he believed, that lives under the British rule is not working and for the rights of his people. Do u? *wink...hehe..