Thursday, April 02, 2009

Graduation on April 1

How would you feel if your graduation is on April 1?
Many of my friend got this honour. Actually in early 2008, my plan was to attend this ceremony myself. But things got delayed and eventually I missed out on this one and will attend the one in September.
Anyhow, because of that, my parents got another chance to travel to Perth since they already got the tickets long before anything is really confirmed. So we had a great time in the whole March when they were here in Perth and they will come in September again for the ceremony.

I attended the ceremony for my housemate DeRong - Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical).

Caught up with many friends.

Jingyu from China - Mining Engineer

Danno and Tone whom we spent our phd years together - Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science.

Jayvis from Spore- Mechanical Engineer

Chris from Mauritius, Stuart and Kaysen from Msia - all engineers

James from Msia - a student I tutored in his first year Computing for Engineers & Scientists. OMG!

Peter, my PhD supervisor who came for Danno's ceremony. I got hassled for my correction. :P Yes, I would get it done real soon.

Du, Danno's another supervisor who is also in the visvis group I belong.

And the big group of friends who came for Derong's ceremony:
Zheng, KokSoon (my friends who's visiting Perth), Yeeting, Derong and Minli.

I also test out my 12x zoom with ISO800 for some long range photos in Winthrop Hall.

PhD recipients get to sit up on the stage (showcasing the variety in hairstyles).

Honorary Doctorate recipient - Michael Fitzpatrick. (caught Peter in the background)

Daniel who did CS honours in our lab. He now got his EE/CS double degree.

Evgeni my fellow modeller.

Fred I met through ShihChing and Jason's church.

Derong looking smart


Tone contemplating the moment

Danno's name and shortest ever thesis title read out by Robyn, who was my supervisor for a year and used to be in visvis group before she became the Dean of graduate research school.

Danno shaking hand with Chancellor.

I'm pretty happy with the zoomed results given that indoor stage that's very far away generally is very hard to photograph.

The ceremony was great. The food afterwards are delicious too. And I found a new word I don't know how to pronounce -- ENGINEERNG.