Friday, March 24, 2006

Flying banana

I'm off to Malaysia on Friday 24/3.

Many things to do back in my hometown. First thing would be YekLeng's wedding. I'm his MC and I haven't been to many wedding reception dinner myself, so I'm doing some last minute research on what to say... If you understand Chinese, here's some resources.

Then I'll go to some nice beaches on the east coast of Malaysia with my girlfriend and family. I shall visit my high school as it has been my regular activity over every holiday back home. Have some chat with my teachers and see how the school is doing, maybe have a little chat session with the students, let them inspire me.

And I bring all my matlab codes and research literature with me and hope over the 5 weeks, I'll get 2 weeks to keep working on my research, otherwise by the time I'm back, I'll have to spend a while to get back into where I left off. I'd like to do some writing there. As the thesis is going to be due in not very distant future.

And of course spending lots of quality time with the people I love would make the trip worth.

I'd also get my a good supply of the thing I need to last me till the next time I get back, which I predict would be when I finish my PhD.

And I won't forget to bring back the armouring Tshirt to protect myself.

Lastly, why flying banana? Because I bring out my yellow jumper today as the weather turns really cold. So I'm back to my banana look. Haha!! Well, folks in Perth, you'll see this bright yellow happy face back in May.

Depending on how the internet is, I'd try to keep you posted with my holiday back in Malaysia. Take care.

Friday, March 17, 2006

Happy anniversary Lalilaza daily

I'm a one year old blogger on 10th March 2006. Missed the actual date by one week. Well, it's probably a good thing showing that I actually has something else to do than remembering the anniversary of my blog. :P

The first post - Lalilaza daily: Where it all begins - saw the world on 10/03/2005. In this past year, 10/3/2005 till 10/3/2006, there were 287 posts.

Some statistics:

0.786 post/day
5.5 posts/week
23.5 posts/month
a post every 30.5 hours

Hope you enjoy reading this blog for the past year. And come back for more about my life. :)

Thursday, March 16, 2006

My photos features on UWA CSSE website

Jayjay, our new school manager is doing a fantastic job at lifting up the school image, getting together all the good things happening around the school and letting everyone knows.
Here's a photo gallery link: The Wonderful World of Computer Science, which I contributed several of them.
And here's the awesome animation page showcasting many cool animations made under the school. I have a couple there too. :)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My work is archieved as part of knowledge in the world

I'm writing up my annual report and have to trace back to what I've done in the past year. Then I want to put a link to the DICTA paper in the report and I remember I've been to the IEEE Xplore page that has my paper. But I can't find it, so I think I'll put a link here for future reference and for your reading pleasure.

T.Y. Wong, P. Kovesi, A. Datta. Towards Quantitative Measures of Image Morphng Quality. In B. Lovell, etc., editor, Digital Image Computing: Techniques and Applications, 2005. DICTA ' 05. Proceedings, pages 126-133, Cairns, Australia. IEEE Computer Society. 2005.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Monday, March 06, 2006

Oh crikey, Look at this beauty!


My housemate's room had a visitor that wasn't very welcomed. We went through quite a a big fuss to took it out into a glass and made sure its friends and family weren't in there.

Then I look at it up close and found it amusing. Then I took the camera out and took some photos of it under my bicycle spotlight. It's beautiful.

When the photoshot was over, it was released back into the nature (across the road as my housemate didn't want another visit anytime soon). Posted by Picasa

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Parking sign 8pm-1pm?!

This sign is at Cottesloe, opposite Cottesloe Center, in front of the Jade Court Chinese restaurant. I was worried that I'd get fine because I can't work out the time period...

Siok invited me to a dinner at the Jade Court. And it turned out that it's Nanthida's 16th birthday the day before. Casey, Thira and her friend (Carrie?) were there too. It was a nice dinner, and we catch up on some recent thoughts and events.

Carrie told me she knows someone doing phd in computer science called Adam Dunn. Haha! Small world hey! Her brother is your mate, Adam!

Ping Pong fun!

I started playing table tennis since my primary school time and loved it since then. However, I never had formal training of any sort in it. Until I come to UWA and joined the UWA TTClub, I met some very good players who introduced me some concepts to improve on my table tennis skills.

And yesterday, the nice Vietnamese uncle John gave me a stack of notes to read. It's eye-opening and has so much insights into how good TT players do their tricks. So I did a search on the net on the author of the article and found this:
Greg's Table tennis page.

Heaps of stuffs there from techniques to gadget buying guides. And he's based in Perth. :)

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Quality chats: "listen to people as possibilities"

I'm so grateful to have two very authentic housemates. Derong moved in last July and YeeTing moved in just last month. The interesting thing is that they both have done the Landmark forum because I introduced them to it. And now they discover their blindspots in everyday life, sometimes help me discover mine, and we have such high quality sharings on a daily basis.

Since Derong moved in, we have been very good friend and in the past couple of weeks we worked together to revive the UWA Table tennis club. It was all good, we discussed and bounced ideas and set up stall on O-Day, got sunburnt together... But recently the discussion become kind of dry and it felt more like a burden than fun when it comes to TTClub matters.

We had one session working out the budget and bookings tonight and we eventually figured out the optimal solution. But there wasn't much fun in the process. Then Derong started exploring with me why the organising of it become un-fun.

I felt slightly uneasy for a split second but then I welcomed the exploration because I knew there's something unsaid about the relationship when it comes to TTClub matters and it is not very healthy. So we started sharing authentically about how we felt and what was going on.

I realised that I've been acting like more of a guiding master to the whole thing instead of actually having discussion with him, and I felt he is not well-organised sometimes and kept dwelling on that point to make him more organised.

He also realised that he has been focusing on some negative part of his other friends and loses touch with the real essence of the persons. And that reflects exactly like what I'm doing to him.

I then recalled how I admired him when we just knew each other for 2 month or so, while he was telling me about his amazing experiences in his highschool time. And how different I look at him (as not-too-well-organised) when we're in the recent TTClub matters. It was a shame!

One thing I learnt from Landmark coaching sparked into my mind:

You shall only listen to them as possibilities and nothing but possibilites.

I remember my coach did that to me, she would not take any complaint or winge I gave her, she only listens to me as "I can, just need to work it out". And it is a very powerful listening!!

And that is the key to this issue we had there. I stop listening to Derong as possibilities. What he is possible in my subconscious mind has shrunk a lot and I treated him as that, no wonder he felt like crap!

Now that I know what I did (which I'm not proud of at all), I can tune back to the original admiring view I have of him. And that just make discussion so much more enjoyable. He is able to contribute a lot more, and when he's loose on any part of organisation, I can remind him, but not condemn him as I subconsciously had been doing.

And I can say that this kind of subconscious negative view of people are very common especially with people very close in life. We would have a condemning tone when this person does something AGAIN! And we would not put this kind of tone to any other people. It could be just one small mistake, we would simply (not even thinking) remind the person with a condemning tone. A lot of time the tone is subconscious, all we want to do is to remind, but because of this negative image we have on this particular area for this person, we would express it quite differently.

Catching it and dissolving it, life is so much better.
I recommend the Landmark Forum to you. Yes, again! Now even more unreserved.

Bizzarre MSN search results

I accidentally did a search on the word "hibiscusrealm" on the other day, and to my astonishment, my homepage on turned out to be the top result! And this blog ranks no.2 because it has a link to it.

MSN must have some odd (and not very smart) algorithm to work out the rank of their search result. Not like Google, it returns the mainpage of which is much more reasonable.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Perspective fun

Man! This is so cool!!
The first look at those picture, you may feel there are some lines or circle superimposed on the photograph, but it turns out that those lines are actually in the scene. Looking at a different angle, it won't be the beautiful shapes anymore. I wonder how he calculate out all the precise position of the paints, does he has a 3D model of the whole scene and raytrace it back from the optical center?

Check out his website:
Felice Varini

One of the coolest, with mirror:
mirror lines
Click on "Hor point de vue" and select "Ouvrir" to see the scene from other angles.

Oh, there's actually a page in English explaining about his passion about architectural space.

Thanks shih ching for showing the picture to us, and Danno for getting the original website.