Friday, April 07, 2006

Eight below

Went to watched Eight below last night. Great show. The super air-con made the cinema feel like the freezing antarctic too.

Good to be home 2

Continued from previous story a while ago.

So after the wedding, I stayed in JB for another night and followed a KL friend's car to get to Seremban (about 1 hour south of KL). Got to Seremban at 5pm+ and I set off with my girlfriend and some of her friends to KL to attend a forum discussing about a current issue of Chinese primary school internal corruption cases. Got back and had some further chat with the friends and finally went to bed at 2am+, and the next morning, we had planned to go to the east coast for vacations. Oh....

Anyway, not enough sleep, but my girlfriend and myself are still very excited about it. So we set off a little later than planned, and had 3 days of very sweet and relaxing stay in Kijal and Teluk Cempedak on the east coast of peninsular Malaysia.
Beautiful resort, nice warm water, big waves of South China Sea, bright hot sun for perfect photographs...

The food there are great too. We had breakfast included in the accommodation and it's buffet style. I got to sample a great range of Malaysian food that I had long for ages all at the same time - roti canai, nasi lemak, rendang, ketupat... Yumm.

And we went out for some local specialities hunt as well. One of the special food at Kijal/Cukai area is stuffed crab - stir fry crab meat with some vegies stuffed back into crab shell and covered with egg, then the whole thing deep fried to seal up. Pretty cool.
And the coffee and charcoal toasted bread at Hai Peng in Cukai is not to be missed. Thick pieces of white bread toasted and top with butter and kaya... absolutely delicious!
Satay Zul near Teluk Cempedak has great Satay and Nasi lemak. It's at the intersection (T-junction) of two main streets.
There's this "durian bom" and BBQ bun in Kuantan.

Tired again. That's about my busy schedule. After the trip, it was a bit more relax and I have time to go back to YongPeng and rest for a while...
Now I'm in Seremban again, at my brother's place, enjoying his wireless broadband in aircon room. Hahaha!!! Sweet!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Good to be home

It's been a very tight schedule I had since flying off from Perth. And finally today I have access to internet ( dial up, Xb ) and can post some updates.

I touched down KLIA on 24/3 10pm. Got out and my family were there to fetch me. So touched, Papa mama came up from Yongpeng, and my sister came down from KL, my brother drove from Senawang to take all of us. And they were rewarded by the famous Corica apple strudle from Perth. :a

I had a good sleep that night. The next morning, we have a yumcha brunch with Tanliang and her mom in Seremban. Koko missed out because he had to work that day. Then we went back to YongPeng that afternoon.
Reached home at 5pm, I started packing my bag and eat "big bun" at the same time as Yekleng was coming to pick me up at 6pm to go JB. He arrived on time and we set off to his base to prepare for his wedding ceremony on Sunday...

I met quite a few old highschool friends and had long chat with Yekleng as I was in his car most of the time... Slept at 3am that night and had to wake up at 6am to go fight our way through to get the bride.

Sunday was a long day, but real fun, though I was extremely tired. The sister gang of the bride set up some tough challenges, eg to eat real salty egg, drink crazy sauces and drink mixture, singing and dancing to prove the worthiness of our friend to get the girl. It was good fun. Then the tea ceremony... rest, photos, and at 5pm we got to the wedding dinner place.
I started drafting my MC speeches and I was glad that the night went well. :)

Tired.... To be continued