Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The modellers Theme Song

It's a crazy hour now but I just can't wait till tomorrow to blog about this!
Danno made a theme song for the modellers! I can't believe it!!!

It's so cool! And hilarious at the same time! And I now have a song with my name in it. You have made history Danno!

Read the post and enjoy the song on Danno's The Modellers post.

Oh ya, apparently Danno is having a Theme Songs on Request service. Danno I want one!!

Also, The Modellers has become my ringtone.

Friday, January 18, 2008

UWA 3D campus team in Media

There were a couple of photo shots by our own team members and professional photographers from the papers. And with Jayjay's media contact effort, we get quite some media exposure.

At the top of scale shall be The Australian. We appeared on the Higher Education section with each of our faces bigger than a 50cents coins.

The Australian | 16/01/2008 | Page: 21 | Higher Education
Region: National Circulation: 133000
Type: National
Size: 482.57 sq.cms
Click the picture to see the actual size, or here for the online version.

It's also on Wanneroo Times (Brad) and Western Suburbs Weekly (Myself):
Wanneroo Times | 15/01/2008 | Page: 14 | Regional Changes - Central
Region: Perth Circulation: 77098
Type: Suburban
Size: 241.78 sq.cms

Western Suburbs Weekly
Page: 5
General News
Region: Perth Circulation: 48960
Type: Suburban
Size: 189.49 sq.cms

And of course, the official media release is on the competition page on Google.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Super Horatio Song V2

Danno has done it again with Super Horatio song! This time with his high voice and violin. It's even better than the first version!!

Click here for the full story:
Super Horatio has returned!

Download Super Horatio’s New Song while you read the story.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Recap 2007

I'm never really a big fan of New Year. It just happened to be the start of a randomly chosen counting system. Hmmm.. I think it's not random, but what is the significant of the first day of the Gregorian calendar? It's not the end of winter, not the day of longest sunlight, not the day the sun is closest to the equator... Can someone who knows tell me?

Anyhow, it's a good day to reflect. So I'd do so.

A good thing about writing diary or now blog is that it helps to retain memory. So I can look back and say "Hey! I did that and it's cool, let's do it more!" or the opposite. Here are the list of things I recalled, in no order.

This list may grow when I remember things.

And now it's new year. 2008. Happy New Year! And hope it'll be a good one for you and me.