Friday, September 23, 2005

CSSE Rottnest 2005 Conference

Two days school conference on Rottnest Island, the photographic record here.

Shih Ching has his version here.
Yes I throw out on the ferry, it was quite a satisfying vomit though. ;)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

My first publication!!!

Yes! Yes! Yes!!!
My paper is accepted to DICTA for oral presentation!

And the comments are good and constructive. What an unexpected good surprise!

Cairns, here I come!

Monday, September 19, 2005

UWA EXPO: Me with Aibo

(Backtrace blogging)

It's UWA Open day again! I love open day. There are so many interesting stuff going on all over the campus, and I get to demonstrate something and talk to the general public about cool stuffs in computer science.

This year I moved on from managing the vision research demo, in which we have a camera that take picture of people and generate processed images like edge detection or Chinese Text art.
Wei asked me to help her with the SONY AIBO robot dog. Haha!!! It was a heck loads of fun! So cute the dog. And I got a cool Aibo T-shirt too. Bonus!!!

The down side of this year is that I spend too much time playing with the dog and interact with people coming into the department, I didn't get to see other exhibition around uni... Oh well...

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Happy Mid-Authum Festival

Thanks Yee Ting's parents for the mooncake, Rina for chrisanthemum tea, and the weather for showing the moon. My housemates and I had a little half-an-hour mooncake party eating mooncake, sipping chrisanthemum tea, admiring the moon and chatting in front of our house.

To all, Happy Mid-Authum Festival. 中秋节快乐
For history of this festival, see Wiki

Friday, September 16, 2005

Malaysia Day reminded me that today is the day that Malaysia was born, 42 years ago.
Sabah and Sarawak joint in the peninsular Malaya to form Malaysia.

With the rich timber and oil industry, the two eastern states contribute a lot to Malaysia economy. We shall remember this day and acknowledge.

Multi-V is sweet without sugar

I had "sore throat, light fever, running nose, thick mucus" cycle since Monday. Now I'm at the end of the cycle, still have some mucus to clean up...

I think I caught some rain on Sunday night. It was cold. And sore throat turned up on Monday. I quickly had some Dongcongcao capsules and acupuncture treatment. But lacking sleep the killer. So the cycle started! :(

This is the first time I got sick for the past 2 years. It used to be an annual event... And it usually drags for a whole week, feeling like dead. So the acupuncture and Chinese medicine do work. But not for extreme abuse I guess... :P

2 packs of Multi-V juice appeared on my desk this afternoon. SQ brought them in from Rina. Thanks! It's no preservative and no added sugar, but it tastes sweet. :)

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

USB512 where are you?

I realised that I lost my USB 512MB thumbdrive couple of days ago... Not sure when it happened but I thought it might be on last Friday. My keychain somehow loosened up and my car key dropped out. But I didn't realise whether the USB drive was still there... (yes, I carry it everywhere as a keychain).

Sad sad sad... Now I can't copy my photos from home to school... :(

Monday, September 12, 2005

On and Opi

I steal this title from ShihChing, I think it's GOLD!

Yes, the new iPod nano looks great! I love the build in clock so you can use it as an alarm clock!!!
But it lacks the IPod Shuffle straight USB connection though.. Have to carry another cable around...

matlab code in PhD comics

Haha!! It's great to see Matlab code. :) Instead of all those Java and C! :P

Friday, September 09, 2005

Calling all Malaysian new-Australia-PRs

I'm starting a project.

Building a Malaysian new-Australia-PR social network in Perth.

With the new immigration regulations introduced some 4 years ago which allows international students to apply for Permanent residency in Australia, there are quite a number uni students from Malaysia who took the opportunity and stayed in Australia after their graduation.
I am one of this lucky batch.

Many of us stayed to either further study or start professional career. But there's no social network among this group of people who have very similar background and current situation.

I heard from many of my friends and felt sometimes myself that there's something missing within the social network we have - the familiar feeling among fellow Malaysians to share current career challenges.
We're a bit too old to hang around with young uni students from Malaysia, but too young for those uncle auntie who migrated here 20 years ago from Malaysia. And there lack the Malaysian background with work colleagues...

There must be quite a number of us here in WA but we don't know each other. So I thought why stuck in my own room while there may be others of the same concerns out there. We can create a network to know each other and meet up regularly/irregularly and we'll find people of the same interests/challenges/background in the network to share and enrich our lives.
You wouldn't mind knowing one more person who just clicks with you, would you?

I just started the project would like to spread the words and invite people to join in.

I'd really like to get into contact with you if you are one of the Malaysian new-Australia-PRs here in Perth or are interested in joining us. Leave me a message, I'll get back to you.

Tzu Yen Themed Fonts Movie and Music Fonts Themed Fonts Movie and Music Fonts

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Kes submitted her thesis

(backtrace blogging)

Kes submitted her thesis and the department threw in an afternoon tea that afternoon to celebrate that! Well done Kes!

Kes changed supervisor 2 years ago and changed quite a big part of her research direction, but she eventually got everything done in time. Her advice is as long as you're focused and know what to do, it doesn't really take that long. That is reassuring and inspiring to me.

I will learn from you Kes. :)

Kes is now back to Thailand and serves in the meteorology department.
Wishing you all the best!!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Team Bondi big budget game programming job

Team Bondi and DepthAnalysis came to UWA for a presentation today for some really impressive big budget AI and Computer Vision research jobs. They have a 10-year contract with Sony to produce 3 PS3 games!!! Millions dollar budget!

More info here

Friday, September 02, 2005