Friday, September 29, 2006

The Kongmoon Rice Stick!

There's a picture of the Kongmoon Rice Stick (江门排粉 or beehoon as Malaysians call it) features on Greenpeace website saying that the rice they use to make this rice stick is dangerous as it's experimentally Genetically Engineered (GE)!
I had made beehoon soup at home last week. It was nice. Let me know if you see a third arm growing out from my back, ok?

Month in pictures: September 2006 | Greenpeace Australia Pacific

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Something not quite right of UWA clock face

See if you can see what's wrong with it.

(Hint: They might have ran out of letter 'V' at the time of construction.)

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Professional Development Lectures for Research Students

Professional Development Lectures for Research Students now available online at Graduate Research School - Current Students

Monday, September 11, 2006

I'm back in Perth

Perth - Singapore - Shanghai - Suzhou - Shanghai - Shenzhen - Shanghai - Singapore - Kuala Lumpur - Singapore - Perth

I'm now back in Perth again.

The length and urgency of my to do list don't look very good at the moment. So, there may be some lag till I catch up on the last couple of days log in China and the family reunion in KL and gathering in Singapore.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

China Day 5: ShenZhen

We took a domestic flight to Shenzhen (深圳) this morning at 8am. We reached Shenzhen at 10am+ and then took a taxi to the hotel to check in. The taxi driver (the locals called them shifu(师傅)) seems like a reasonable and nice guy. I had a good chat with him on the way and he drive with good manner.

Opps. Battery low! Gotta switch off.

China Day 4: Shanghai Sightseeing

Had a morning of free time before we head down to do more scary business negotiations. We went to ChengHuang temple (城隍庙) area for some shopping and had the famous xiaolong bun (南翔蟹黄小笼包) and soup bun (灌汤包).

At night we went back to the hotel restaurant for dinner again and I checked out the toilet which I get entertained by Jolin Tsai (蔡依林)'s karaoke MTV.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

China Day 3: Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower

Heaps of heated negotiation today. Scary business stuffs. It was at the government research center and the lunch was like those in military service. And we were 'privileged' enough to sit in the military personnel room (军人室), the food are ok, but the presentation was very different compared to other meals we had in those posh VIP. But the watermelon was impressive. Very sweet and fine, and even the usual white part close to the skin are very nice. :D~
And also we were offered bottled water that the astronauts drink. :P

We had dinner back in the hotel in a posh VIP room. Hugh table and golden cutlery.

But the highlight of the day was a tour to the Oriental Pearl Tower. We went through the whole thing - the middle deck, the top 'space cabin' (350m) and the Shanghai development museum. Very nice view of the whole shanghai night light. It's so huge that it's all buildings as far as the horizon can be seen. And the musuem has a very detail re-presentation of Shanghai of different time. Very very nice, but we were running late to the musuem part and were rushing through the whole thing....

Also, I got a good picture of the nine dragon pole on the 5-level highway. I was told that there were a myth: The location of the pole was the dragon neck in fengshui as told by a chief monk of a temple after repeated failure to drill the piling into that location. Then the monk finally revealed a specific time and method to drill and it was successful after that but the monk died straight after due to the revelation of heavenly secret. Nine dragons statue was put on as part of the solution by the monk.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

China Day 2: Suzhou

Today itenarary is to Suzhou(苏州).

8:30am Breakfast at the Sichuan 四川 restaurant at the hotel. Buns, congee (皮蛋瘦肉粥) and some small dishes. Hot and peppery. And some freshly made noodle (担担面) too. The people working in the restaurant are all very young and doesn't seem very well trained. Haha! And they keep smiling with shyness.

9am+ Got on the van and headed to Suzhou. Saw quite some stuffs on the way. Lots of electric bicycles, tricycle taxis, five-level Highway with nine dragon scupture on the center pole, lots of huge advertisement boards, etc. The pity is I didn't get many good photo of all these as I'm in the car and the glass is not very clean. Haha!

11am+ we reached the factory and had some exchange. And the water they provide is from Nestle.

After the factory tour, it's LUNCH!! Yeah! We went to SongHe Restaurant (松鹤楼) on the historical ShanTang Street (山塘街). The food are very nice. Small portion of many many dishes without the scary super expensive stuffs. Ha!

Outside our room in the restaurant. Very Suzhou look.

Gui Fish 桂鱼

Chicken Head Rice 鸡头米

little lake trout 小塘鲤鱼

Sugar vinegar white raddish 糖醋萝卜

After the lunch, we had some 20 mins to walk on the historical street.
Me on the ShanTang Street

Water way and boat


Then we had a long drive back to Shanghai. Had another long and exhausting meeting in a cafe called 上岛咖啡厅. By the time the meeting is done, it's almost 9pm. Everyone was rather tired but still not hungry because of the late lunch and finger food. So we all went back to hotel and rest. I managed to borrow my boss's laptop to check email and blog about this.

Tomorrow morning breakfast at 7:30am. Then some big negotiation are awaiting. Big day tomorrow! Stay tune. Hope I'll have time tomorrow night too.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

China Day 1: Shanghai

I'm in Shanghai(上海)!!!!!! Unreal!

Pearl Tower (明珠塔)

Shanghai airport is huge! And the city is a mix of old and modern. Big highway with bicycles on it. :P

The China people are nice to us. They insisted to order shark fin soup after we order some very specials dishes and declined the shark fin openly. I killed a small shark today. But the soup is really really nice, so thick and yummy. It's not anythin like the sharkfin soup we have at wedding... it's one bowl each separately with candle at the bottom... And the restaurant is at the side of the Huang Pu river(黄浦江). Superb view of both side of the river night light...

The hotel is beauiful too, called DongHai Hotel 东海宾馆. We stayed at the top floor, great far away view, but looking directly down is not very good, messy rof top of flats. About RMB470 a night. The workers in the hotels are nice but not very experienced let alone professional. Lots of young cute girls everywhere... :P Probably all concentrated at these high class places...

Gotta sleep. Good night.

Friday, September 01, 2006

I'm going to Shanghai!!

Going to Shanghai for a week helping a company do translation. Yeah!!

Cape Telecoms Limited