Saturday, June 24, 2006

Work at Home Scam

Email spams are getting rather out of control lately. I get several of those spams into my uni inbox everyday, slipped through the department spam filter.

I got another one today and since it's Saturday morning and I'm rather happy, I check it out and see what kind of crap these spammers actually offers besides viagra.

So I copy the link and paste it into my firefox browser.

Everything on that website sounds pretty sensible. Like they are offering real job for people living in Australia with a valid bank account to work for them as a payment processing manager, and get 10% commission for each transaction, not bad at all! Sounded too good to be true to me, so I googled it and found this website:

Work at Home Scam: The check or funds processing business and how to analyze a check/funds processing scam letter:

"Never, ever, EVER cash a check for a stranger.
Never, ever, EVER accept any funds on behalf of someone else. Period.
Never, ever, EVER accept funds from one party and send them off to another. That is money laundering.

By accepting funds on behalf of another party you are taking full, legal, and responsible possession of those funds. Are you sure this is the kind of business you want to engage in with a complete stranger thousands of miles away?"

A good read and have me staying alert on internet scams! By the way, I include the website from the email for your reading pleasure:

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