Friday, February 02, 2007

How's it going?

Man! I was so like this guy!! It is not funny. I was so scared that people find out what is really going on, they might not think highly of me anymore... Yes, I have a huge pride to feed! :b
I'm glad I learnt to say things aren't so good when they really aren't. That makes the answer to "How's it going?" so much more meaningful. And it is liberating too. Pretending things are going well all the time is such an effort, not that I am consciously pretending it, but somehow, I do that to survive something, to look good I guess. Being able to put that aside and just express how things actually are and how I actually am, is like a tensed muscle releases. It's a great feeling.

But sometimes I find people say "How's it going?" instead of ask. Well, sometimes I find myself do that too, :( like I have no intention to listen to the answer anyway...
Hope I can catch myself on such behaviour!

Or is it because a lot of time "How's it going?" is treated the same as "Hi!"? Is it treated as just a form of greeting and not actually an invitation for a conversation?

So, to you, How's it going?

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