Saturday, May 05, 2007

Italy here I come

The long anticipated email finally came today at 3:30pm WST. It was supposed to be announced on 1 May, and I thought my paper is rejected because I didn't get the "notification of acceptance" on the date.

Congratulations - your paper #1569032579 ('Projective Transformations for Image Transition Animations') for International Conference on Image Analysis and Processing 2007 has been accepted for ICIAP 2007 Oral Session.

Yes! My second paper (yes,only) is accepted. I'm so happy!
ICIAP is a 2nd tier conference according to CORE ranking of ICT conferences. And it'll be in Italy which is somewhere I have never really thought of setting my foot on before. Oh well, I never really think of going particularly anywhere anyway. Haha!

The conference will be on 10-14 Sept 2007, held in the Palazzo Ducale (dated 1634 DC, Baroque Ducal Palace) in Modena "the capital of engines" as it is the home of many famous sports car manufacturers (eg. Ferrari). A tourist page of Modena is here.

Searching and reading about the touristy places makes me excited.


James said...

Well done, Lord.

Tzu Yen said...

Thanks James. You're lightning fast.
I owed it big time to Peter's superb proof reading to polish it up.

Congrates to you getting into Interzone making games with big budget. Heard from Jason. Having fun?

Minh said...

Wow that's great news!! Congratulations! *\o/*

Tzu Yen said...

Thanks Minh. :)