Thursday, March 06, 2008

Google SydneyTrip & UWA won the competition

This is 2 weeks old. As mentioned in the Happy^Googleplex post, We went over to Sydney on an all expenses paid trip by Google. We flew in on 17/2 Sunday, spent a day at Google office on Darling Harbour on 18th and most of the team went back on 19th. Me and Minh stayed for one more day with Danno.


  • We were greeted by a chauffeur with our names on a cardboard at the airport. It was my first time having my name on a cardboard at airport. But I was disappointed that there wasn't a big Google sign on it. Even more disappointed that it wasn't a Google van that took us to our hotel.
  • We were put in Amore hotel. Very nice and classy. My room was on 17th floor. Nice view.
  • Danno met us up for dinner at Pancake on the rock. Good pancake, I like it and like it a lot.
  • Monday 9am we met at Google office on Darling Harbour, in the IBM building. We met our 'competitors' too. Haha! Both other teams were from Melbourne U, both were two people team. Compare to us 8 people big full team from UWA to out number everyone, muahaha!
  • SketchUp user interface designer Matt flew in from US to give us a tech talk.
  • Will and Lysandra accompanied us in the Google office tour - but we weren't allowed to take photos beyond the reception. Bummer. But it is nice inside, open space. Food around people.
  • Our team and two other Melbourne Uni teams gave a talk on our journey of modelling, it was very informal and fun.
  • Food is great inside Google! We made our own pizza and roll from the salad bar. There was crab meat on that day.
  • XBox and Playstation with huge screen mounted on the wall for Googlers' gaming craze during lunch time.
  • We went on a tour of Sydney in the afternoon with the Googlers.
  • Winners were anounced at the hotel atrium before dinner. And our UWA team took the crown. Yes! Each of us were awarded with a goodie bag.
  • Google treated us a nice dinner on Darling Harbour looking over the Opera House. Fancy! And there were many quiz challenges from Will, fun!
  • Most of the team went back on Tuesday. But me and Minh stayed for one more day and Danno took a day off to take us to Blue Mountain. So touched, thanks mate. And Super Horatio helped clear the heavy fog for us there. It was fun. A lot more fun that last time when I went alone.
  • And at that night I stayed with my UTas best friend Jermin and Yeemei's place. They took me to a Shanghainese restaurant and I was stuffed with fantastic food. So yummy. And that night we chatted till 3am and had to go to airport at 7am.
  • Me and Minh flew back on Wednesday morning together wearing the proud Google T-shirt.
Photos are here:
Evgeni's version

2008_02_17-19 Sydney Google trip

And once we come back, Jayjay has been at work to channel out the news that we did win the competition.

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