Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 13 on a positive note

Yesterday is May 13, a date that has been stabbed into Malaysia history 40 years ago and demonised by politicians over and over.

However, I found this refreshing school of thoughts by zubedy to have a positive note on May 13.

I’d like to recolor May 13th. I would like to breathe new spirit into the date, to dilute and eventually erase the negative aspects and memories and replace them with positive meanings and values. I want our future generation to see this date with kind and loving recollections. We can always change things, if we so willed it.

The article is well written and touches my heart. I think every Malaysian should read it, maybe the book too.
A book to unite Malaysians

His company looks very interesting too.


Samsung said...

I didn't follow through the link to read the article by him or anything but to ponder on the extract you showed on the blog.
I do not believe in 'erase the negative history' to keep the 'positivity' of the history. Reasons being:
1. Who define what's positive and negative in the history?
2. History is to learn what's working and what's not. Although the observations suggest history always repeat itself, but I think only truthful history will enable us for real learning for generations to come. Therefore any foreshadowing implying censorship shall be avoided.

Tzu Yen said...

Thanks Samsung for your comment. Yes, I agree that history should be presented as it is, with many aspects of interpretations.
I guess what is missing about May13 is that it was not properly studied and learnt from. Only the official version of that history is always presented, and it's always presented in negative and threatening ways.

Do follow the link and read that full article. i think there are some very good points there.