Sunday, October 09, 2005

Dinner and Games @ G.Dunn's place

Angie and Chris came back from their Europe trip, so we had another dinner & game night.
Food wise, we prepared so much! I made sour & hot Thai Vermicelli, Angie made Lamb curry (with apple & sultana), Adam made pizza and Tiramisu, Rina prepared a good fruit platter and Tone brought some freshly baked pizza biyanka(?). It's so great the food! Adam's pie/pastry/pizza always amazed me, this time it's the crispy pizza, :)~ The lamb is so tender, and it's sweet, it's very very nice. My vermicelli was pretty good too, I like it with more chilli. hehe!
After the main course, I was very full. But the rest were still good enough to erouse my tastebuds. :D

We played quite a few games on the night. The highlight was on Shadows over Camelot. It's a very different boardgame that all players play together as a team to defeat the 'dark forces'. So there's a strong sense of "For the glory of XXX", "I'll sacrifice to defeat the evil"... A lot of fun! :D

Photos are here:

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