Sunday, October 02, 2005

Royal Perth Show 2005

It's the last day of the Perth Royal Show I decided to go and have some fun. There's a Malaysia - guest nation exhibition there and that added to my inclination to chaeck out the show this year.

So I asked my housemates, he asked his friends and eventually Derong, Rongxin and me decided to go.

It was fun! Heaps of interesting things happening. We kept being distracted on the way when we decided to go to a certain exhibition/place.

The highlights for us: car stunt show by Holden, lots of cool drifffffts, fly over broken bridge; friendly/funny clowns on the street; animals animals and animals, so cute, so cool; rollercoaster games, flying high up in the air, stress releasing scream, I was a bit dizzy after the ride though; Win-soft-toy-look-easy-but-actually-hard games, got sucked into a few of those, looks very doable, but it takes some precise skill to play well enough to get the prize; Pig racing and diving, cute pigs, great fun to watch.

The biggest highlight is the finale fireworks. It's bloody fantastic! We sit on the side of the oval where it's set off. The whole view is covered by colourful lights. Woo Yeah!!

On a side note, I also get to meet the committee of the newly launched Association of Malaysians in Western Australia (AMWA). I'm very surprised to know that there's no such association in place before this one is launched so recently! I shall learn more with them and contribute to the community.

Took some 150 photos too.

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looks interesting! :)

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