Monday, August 07, 2006

David Suzuki is coming to Perth!!!


Mon 7.30-9pm Sep 18
David Suzuki has published 32 books including the most widely used genetics textbook in the United States. In addition to scholarly and popular works on genetics, he has written extensively about ecology, technology, the future and his own life. To all of his writing, David brings his gift for exploring and sharing complex ideas with clarity and passion. Don't miss this opportunity to hear David speak in Perth on his farewell tour of Australia.

Biologists inform us that human beings appeared on earth about 150,000 years ago on the savannahs of Africa. Compared to the other animals that shared the plains with us, we were not impressive in numbers, size, speed, strength or sensory acuity. Our survival attribute was the most complex structure in the known universe, the human brain that endowed us with immense memory, curiosity and creativity. It invented the concept of "future" and thus was the only animal that realized we could shape the future by our actions in the present. Foresight, looking ahead, recognizing opportunities and hazards and choosing accordingly was a strategy that more than compensated for our physical and sensory deficits. We have become the most numerous mammal on the planet and supplemented by technology, consumptive demand and global economics, we have become a new kind of force, altering the physical, chemical and biological features of the planet on a geological scale as no other species ever has. Now we have all the amplified predictive capacity of scientists, supercomputers, engineers and telecommunications and for over 40 years, the leading scientists of the world have been telling us we are headed down a dangerous path - altering the atmosphere, poisoning earth, air and water, deforesting the planet, extinguishing species and so on. The disaster that hurricane Katrina wreaked on New Orleans had been warned of for years, but now we are ignoring the very strategy for survival and ignoring these warnings. Why are we turning our backs on our most important ability and what can we do about it? David Suzuki will discuss the answers to these urgent questions.

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He came to Perth 2 years ago, I didn't know who he was. And when we decided to check it out, the tickets were sold out. This year I will be there.
My ex-housemate Kaz left several of his books - "Good news for a change", "from Naked ape to Super species" and "The scared balance" - which I am still slowly munching through. His vision and research into sustainable future is really inspiring.

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