Monday, January 01, 2007

Photo with my prime minister

Abdullah Badawi was in Perth again last Saturday. Fiza from the Malaysia consulate called me on Thursday to invite me to the Hari Raya Haji celebration with Abdullah Badawi as the guest of honour. I was delighted.

The event was at Puteri Nasi Kandar at Victoria Park, just couple of shops away from Makan2. That street will be a great gathering place for Malaysians, if it hasn't already been. I got there at 12pm, sat down with a table of other AMWA committee. Badawi arrived at about 1pm+, I took some good photos. He gave a short speech wishing all Malaysians to do well here in Perth. Then the lunch started.

I got to know several young Malaysians there during lunch, including an English editor of a new newspaper ASIA TIMES. The Malaysian food is not bad too.

And I caught this photo with Badawi when he was walking out.

Delighted and honoured as I am to see my PM, I'm not quite so satisfied with the team and the state of governance in Malaysia. This accusation that "many ministers (esp. of Johor) are on holiday overseas while some 80000 flood victims of Johor state hit by the worst flood in 37 years are needing help" was chewing the back of my mind. How many politicians really care more about the people and the integrity of the country than their career? Also, it's funny that the Australians newspaper has a full page interview with Tun Mahathir on that day.

There are more photos on AMWA photo gallery.

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