Sunday, December 31, 2006

Photos from my phone

I like my phone. The convenience of having a good camera built in to the phone is just great. I took some photos with it when I don't have my big Canon S3IS with me, and it recorded some of my life adventures.

This one is when I was transitting in Changi Airport, took a photo and tried the phone built-in image editing tool. [1/12/2006 8:47AM]

A flyer in the hotel room in Shanghai. Funny English. [6/12/2006 11:06PM]

Kelly was leaving back to Taiwan for good, so me and Michael caught up with her for a lunch and coffee. [13/12/2006 1:46PM]

Yeeting was flying back to Brunei for Christmas and New year Holiday. I sent her off to the airport. [21/12/2006 11:53AM]

I bumped into Eleanor couple of weeks ago and we decided to find one day to catch up. So we did 2 days before Christmas at the beautiful East Perth waterfront. [23/12/2006 4:43PM]

Nola invited me to the St George's Cathedral for a mid night service on Christmas. Very old Gothic style building, beautiful choir and music. Nice!
[24/12/2006 11:12PM]

Bloody Summer! My cassette converter melted in my car! Cost me $20! :`( [27/12/2006 1:23PM]

I found this big sun clock at Cottesloe Beach when I was jogging there. Cool! And this is the kind of photo I will not get without the convenience of a camera phone. And it was almost 8pm then, still pretty bright, I love daylight saving! :D [28/12/2006 7:45PM]

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