Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Dinner with my aunt and cousin

My Aunt (I call her San Gu, 3rd Aunt) from Melbourne just went to Malaysia and came to Perth to visit my cousin Siong for a week or so for the first time. She loves Perth.
She was scheduled to fly back to Melbourne on Tuesday, so we had a dinner on Sunday, 1 day after I got back.

Home cooking is best!

Pork ribs with chestnuts and mushroom, yummy.

Siong Ko's pudding dessert with caramel and pineapple. He must have a better photo and perhaps recipe on his website.

A photo together to mark the occasion.

I had so much food, and it's so great to see SanGu again, the last time was 2002 in Melbourne. And Siongko is going to Italy to meet up with his partner. They have a great page on Italy travel tips here.

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