Monday, January 12, 2009

Photos from my phone

Here are some photos I took using my phone.

Chia, my good friend from Tasmania has arrived Perth 2 weeks ago. He's here to stay. There shall be lots of good time ahead.

Kings park bush fire. The dynamic range of my SE-W810 phone camera is just not enough to see the ash ground.

My little wing friends along the path I cycle to work.

Quick sand bun (流沙包) - made with salty egg yoke. Yummy... See it's flowing. (there isn't much information on this bun online, other good photos here and here. It's a HK/Guangzhou specialty. According to my Guangzhou housemate it is a new treat in GZ these couple of years.
By the way, you can find it in the new Dragon (龙门) Restaurant on Francis Street. Pricey though.

Lego structures built by kids in the Art Gallery of Perth. Reminds me of my childhood playing a small tin box of Lego with my brother. Great fun. Always wished I have such big pile of lego to build huge stuffs. I'll probably put aside a Lego corner for my kids with this basic building block, not those Starwar type you see in toy shop, I find them too specific which limits the creativity.

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