Monday, January 05, 2009

Working life

I've been working for 3 weeks - 3 days (Xmas, Boxing Day and New Year Day). This is the first time I really work, like a full time 9-5 job (actually mine is 8-5), and it's not that bad, especially weekends! Haha! But time is really limited, don't even have time to clear my inbox, read my Google Reader's stuffs, play facebook, upload photos, etc..

Anyway, some of my friend has asked or will ask me "how's your new job?". So I shall give a 3 weeks working life review. :D

The job is pretty cool, at least my title is - Seismic Processing Geophysicist. Yes, I know. What the ?! right? dugeo is a geophysics company. We process seismic data for company so they can see clearer what's down there in the earth several km down. The strength of dugeo is something called Quantitative Interpretation, which in the terms I can understand mean transforming seismic wiggles into oil/gas probability.

I had 2 weeks of training with some interns and staffs from their KL office. It was great as I get an orientation into the field (which is completely new to me) and my classmates are all from Malaysia. Ha! It's so strange to work in an Australian company in Subiaco with so many Malaysian colleagues. Before They left after their short term training back to Malaysia, I brought them to had some little tour in Perth. :)

WingSee on the left and Victoria in the middle. Wingsee is based in KL and Victoria is based in Perth.

From left: WS, Eddie, Elaine, Jassica and myself. Eddie and Jassica are interns both are geology students from Uni Sabah Malaysia. Elaine is based in KL.

People are really great in dugeo. And there are lots to learn. Boss is cool. I get to cycle to work/drive/take bus. It takes about 20mins to cycle through Kings Park from my place to work. And there's shower for us to use. Staffs there wear Tshirt, shorts and slipper or no slipper to work. :D And there's a flat hierachy, anyone can go to anyone to ask questions.
I shall upload a photo album called dugeo in my facebook right after this to introduce some people in the company.

After the training finished, I'm assigned to work with a project building velocity models. With the correct velocity model the seismic images can be properly cleaned up to show what's really the structure down there in the earth several kilometers down. However, the real job I'm currently doing is pretty much donkey work clicking mouse to line up dots to be straight lines. :P I did 100+ locations today, there are about 2000+ locations. Xb And each one of them need to be revisited several times and again since the velocity model building is an iteration process. I think I might get carpal tunnel syndrome and bad eyes if I don't take enough breaks.
Hope I get this done soon and get something more interesting...

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