Thursday, June 16, 2005

Kes is learnig Mandarin

Kes is learning Mandarin now. She is going to China net month for a conference in WuHan. And she knows that Chinese cannot tell that she's from thailand and cannot understand Mandarin. Well, Kes parent are both Chinese Thai, so she looks very Chinese to me. :P

But she's doing very very well. She got a little "Just enough Chinese" book and i help her a bit on the pronounciation. I found out that Thai is very tonal and has 5 tones. So it's actually a re-map of Thai 5-tone into Mandarin 4-tone. Within a day, she can read stuffs from the little book and I understand her. :D

It's a lot of fun teaching her the pronounciation structure of Mandarin and realise some part of it that I never questioned... :)

For more info, here's where she live, she got some nice photo shots also: Home page of Kesaraporn Techapichetvanich (Kes).

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