Thursday, June 02, 2005

The Freedom of Choice by Dr Tom Chalko

A friend of mine asked me to help her buy a bioresonant T-shirt. And from the website, I come across this extremely interesting book. I've been reading it this couple of days. It's only 128 pages, clear language, very easy to read, and yet inspiring.
It's well written with good logics, a lot of alarming truth and insights. You can get a free ebook from the website, well worth a read!

The Freedom of Choice by Dr Tom Chalko: "For the first time in the history of humanity on Earth The Purpose of existence of the entire Universe has been expressed and proven explicitly in writing for everyone to understand. Incidentally, it coincides with the purpose of your OWN existence... Are you ready?"

"The Freedom of Choice addresses 'the purpose of existence' - the most fundamental question, that intrigues humanity on Earth from time immemorial. Dr Chalko explains the purpose of human existence in the widest possible context – the Purpose of the entire Universe."

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