Friday, September 16, 2005

Multi-V is sweet without sugar

I had "sore throat, light fever, running nose, thick mucus" cycle since Monday. Now I'm at the end of the cycle, still have some mucus to clean up...

I think I caught some rain on Sunday night. It was cold. And sore throat turned up on Monday. I quickly had some Dongcongcao capsules and acupuncture treatment. But lacking sleep the killer. So the cycle started! :(

This is the first time I got sick for the past 2 years. It used to be an annual event... And it usually drags for a whole week, feeling like dead. So the acupuncture and Chinese medicine do work. But not for extreme abuse I guess... :P

2 packs of Multi-V juice appeared on my desk this afternoon. SQ brought them in from Rina. Thanks! It's no preservative and no added sugar, but it tastes sweet. :)

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