Monday, September 19, 2005

UWA EXPO: Me with Aibo

(Backtrace blogging)

It's UWA Open day again! I love open day. There are so many interesting stuff going on all over the campus, and I get to demonstrate something and talk to the general public about cool stuffs in computer science.

This year I moved on from managing the vision research demo, in which we have a camera that take picture of people and generate processed images like edge detection or Chinese Text art.
Wei asked me to help her with the SONY AIBO robot dog. Haha!!! It was a heck loads of fun! So cute the dog. And I got a cool Aibo T-shirt too. Bonus!!!

The down side of this year is that I spend too much time playing with the dog and interact with people coming into the department, I didn't get to see other exhibition around uni... Oh well...

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