Friday, September 09, 2005

Calling all Malaysian new-Australia-PRs

I'm starting a project.

Building a Malaysian new-Australia-PR social network in Perth.

With the new immigration regulations introduced some 4 years ago which allows international students to apply for Permanent residency in Australia, there are quite a number uni students from Malaysia who took the opportunity and stayed in Australia after their graduation.
I am one of this lucky batch.

Many of us stayed to either further study or start professional career. But there's no social network among this group of people who have very similar background and current situation.

I heard from many of my friends and felt sometimes myself that there's something missing within the social network we have - the familiar feeling among fellow Malaysians to share current career challenges.
We're a bit too old to hang around with young uni students from Malaysia, but too young for those uncle auntie who migrated here 20 years ago from Malaysia. And there lack the Malaysian background with work colleagues...

There must be quite a number of us here in WA but we don't know each other. So I thought why stuck in my own room while there may be others of the same concerns out there. We can create a network to know each other and meet up regularly/irregularly and we'll find people of the same interests/challenges/background in the network to share and enrich our lives.
You wouldn't mind knowing one more person who just clicks with you, would you?

I just started the project would like to spread the words and invite people to join in.

I'd really like to get into contact with you if you are one of the Malaysian new-Australia-PRs here in Perth or are interested in joining us. Leave me a message, I'll get back to you.

Tzu Yen

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