Friday, June 29, 2007

Kazoo Yen & physical Nonsense

Danno is finishing his phd up and going to leave soon. He gave me this gift that has my name in it. A kazoo and a 1 Yen coin. Ingenious!

And I'm so touched and delighted to receive a paper copy of the Only Talking Nonsense. It's really cool to read his blog about things that happened around his life which I share some scenes, but it's a totally different and amazing feeling to get a book of that which has my photos, my stories and a lot of my fond memories recorded.

Thanks Danno. You rock!
With the glory of Lordiness you bestowed on me, I forgive you for making up all the posters about me. Haha!
Well, I was never offended to start with, not even this one below and this website. It's such great fun! You bloody pranker!

Thank you for your friendship Danno, I'm truely honoured.
I wish you all the best.
(And hope we get to execute some more pranks together shall the victims' fate destined. Muahahaha!! )


Anonymous said...

Hang on, you bestowed the Lordiness on yourself in that Civ III game, isn't that where it came from?

Tzu Yen said...

Hmm... yes I did. But it was you who brought it out from the Civ to the real world, and popularised it.