Friday, June 01, 2007

Rabobank 6.6% online saving account

The second best after Bankwest 6.8% 1-year introductory offer. My one year offer will expire in October, then I may switch it to this one.

It also allows its clients to go straight into wholesale managed fund with 0.75% entry fee, zero ongoing maintenance fee and a tiny $250 entry value.

Report on The Australia (29/5/07) here:
Rabobank goes retail with a high-interest internet account

It boosts with very high standard of internet security, voted the safest bank in the world in 2006. The online login system is not the simple client number and password form boxes, but requires a one time access code generated by a Digipass hardware based on your pin number. And each Digipass hardware response to only one pin, ie your password! Read more here on RaboPlus security.
Reading that I'm now a bit puzzle! Do they actually send me a hardware?? I shall see.

Also it's one of the top 20 world largest financial institution. Sounds pretty good!

The website is at

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