Monday, May 30, 2005

Papa mama left Perth

Well, every good occasions will come to an end. Papa mama's one month visit to Perth come to an end. So fast!
The air ticket is fixed, otherwise, they probably would have extend it for another 2 weeks... I'm glad that they enjoyed the stay. :)
I burnt 3 CDs worth of photos and video last night so that they can bring them back straight. Didn't get much sleep due to that.
Woke up 5:30am, went to airport and that was it for this special family month.
My brain doesn't really work now, that probably explains why I'm still sitting in front of computer don't know what I am doing... But my stomach is empty, dilemma... Eat or sleep?

(idle for n minutes...)


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Anonymous said...

Boy, what an memorable trip for them. I can see from the pictures that they are enjoying every minute of it. It really save time by just posting it and we can just enjoy it when convenient. I especially like the fishing trips, but not much mention about the success? Western Australia is still wild and prestine, if a person likes outdoors, that is a much visit! You may see me there I hope. cy