Sunday, February 26, 2006

Eventful week

The last week was packed with events.
Badawi's visit to Perth, O-Day, AMWA BBQ and neighbour's Birthday party.

I've blogged about Badawi's meeting with student, so I'll go on to his Honourary Doctorate conferement ceremony. I went to Curtin Uni on Wednesday morning for the ceremony. It took several correspondances to get my name on the list to be admitted into the ceremony. And on the day, there are many security personnels there for the event. But surprisingly, there's no registration process to get in, so anyone could just pop in and will be able to get in...
Anyway, the ceremony was ok, the aboriginal welcome was interesting with the didgeridoo. I was surprised to find that the chancellor of Curtin Uni, Eric Tan was born in Malaysia, it made the event even more special. :)
See here for photos I took and put on AMWA website.

Friday was Orientation Day on UWA. I helped set up a stall for the long-non-publicised Table tennis club. We moved a table tennis table to James Oval where the event was and it turned out to be a very very good publicity tool. Got quite some people signed up on the day and many more showed interest. And Derong's idea of making a sticker instead of just hand out flyers turned out to be very effective as well. :)
We are in the process of getting more tables and more playing time for the club for our expansion.
It was a fun day. Haven't been involved with clubs for a long time. But we all got sun burnt. :`( It hurts.

Saturday, AMWA had a family BBQ in Kings park near by. About 60 people showed up, and many people brought a plate of great food to share. It was good. And I met quite a few people of my age as well. So it was good. Photos of the day, see here.

Then Saturday night my neighbour had a birthday party. So we went over. I was amazed by the stylishness of his garden and living room. He is a talented architect, I can tell.

My resarch work lags quite a bit this week. Will tune into work hard mode as my prime minister told me to do so.

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