Monday, February 20, 2006

House cleaning anyone?

Just yesterday and today, I got more than 30 "comments" on this blog from House cleaning company. All spams!! Now I have a filter in my gmail account that block it.

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Tzu Yen said...

Another 55 spam comments!
Damned those spammers!
But I'm really quite reluctant to put the "type in these words from this picture" way to block them.

I appreciate you who care enough to read my blog and want to leave a message, so I shall not make it any more inconvenient to you because of those bloody spammers.

We shall see how google deals with this also.

淑美 said...

I get lots of spam comments too!

Anyway,excellent blog!!!It's so good that i am returning here all the time! :-P

Hey, why don't you peep my blog!


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