Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Something not quite right of UWA clock face

See if you can see what's wrong with it.

(Hint: They might have ran out of letter 'V' at the time of construction.)


Anonymous said...

BuY C*ock numerals onL!ne! Play Cl0cK of 4-tune! By a Vee 4 ur 4!

Seriously though, this might be worth reading:
Wikipedia article on IIII vs IV

I wish they had put 1IIII instead of 14 on the inner circle :P

On a side note, that's an absolutely fantastic pic that you took... nice super zoom! (Assuming that you took that with your new camera from the ground, and you weren't practising your Super Horatio flying skills the other day, jumping off the clock tower and taking photos!) Who would have thought that each numeral would have parallel 'slashes'?

Tzu Yen said...

Haha! Good one, your almighty docker. It kept me wondering for awhile whether it's actually a spam. But it reads too intellegent to be apam. Haha!

Yeah, I never knew about the legitimacy of IIII. Thanks.