Saturday, September 02, 2006

China Day 1: Shanghai

I'm in Shanghai(上海)!!!!!! Unreal!

Pearl Tower (明珠塔)

Shanghai airport is huge! And the city is a mix of old and modern. Big highway with bicycles on it. :P

The China people are nice to us. They insisted to order shark fin soup after we order some very specials dishes and declined the shark fin openly. I killed a small shark today. But the soup is really really nice, so thick and yummy. It's not anythin like the sharkfin soup we have at wedding... it's one bowl each separately with candle at the bottom... And the restaurant is at the side of the Huang Pu river(黄浦江). Superb view of both side of the river night light...

The hotel is beauiful too, called DongHai Hotel 东海宾馆. We stayed at the top floor, great far away view, but looking directly down is not very good, messy rof top of flats. About RMB470 a night. The workers in the hotels are nice but not very experienced let alone professional. Lots of young cute girls everywhere... :P Probably all concentrated at these high class places...

Gotta sleep. Good night.

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