Sunday, September 03, 2006

China Day 2: Suzhou

Today itenarary is to Suzhou(苏州).

8:30am Breakfast at the Sichuan 四川 restaurant at the hotel. Buns, congee (皮蛋瘦肉粥) and some small dishes. Hot and peppery. And some freshly made noodle (担担面) too. The people working in the restaurant are all very young and doesn't seem very well trained. Haha! And they keep smiling with shyness.

9am+ Got on the van and headed to Suzhou. Saw quite some stuffs on the way. Lots of electric bicycles, tricycle taxis, five-level Highway with nine dragon scupture on the center pole, lots of huge advertisement boards, etc. The pity is I didn't get many good photo of all these as I'm in the car and the glass is not very clean. Haha!

11am+ we reached the factory and had some exchange. And the water they provide is from Nestle.

After the factory tour, it's LUNCH!! Yeah! We went to SongHe Restaurant (松鹤楼) on the historical ShanTang Street (山塘街). The food are very nice. Small portion of many many dishes without the scary super expensive stuffs. Ha!

Outside our room in the restaurant. Very Suzhou look.

Gui Fish 桂鱼

Chicken Head Rice 鸡头米

little lake trout 小塘鲤鱼

Sugar vinegar white raddish 糖醋萝卜

After the lunch, we had some 20 mins to walk on the historical street.
Me on the ShanTang Street

Water way and boat


Then we had a long drive back to Shanghai. Had another long and exhausting meeting in a cafe called 上岛咖啡厅. By the time the meeting is done, it's almost 9pm. Everyone was rather tired but still not hungry because of the late lunch and finger food. So we all went back to hotel and rest. I managed to borrow my boss's laptop to check email and blog about this.

Tomorrow morning breakfast at 7:30am. Then some big negotiation are awaiting. Big day tomorrow! Stay tune. Hope I'll have time tomorrow night too.


Anonymous said...

Wow, looks amazing. I like it how you have so many photos on your blog. Have fun!

Tzu Yen said...

Hey Phil. Thanks for stopping by. I tried to blog about my travel while it's still fresh, otherwise it's unlikely to appear later. :P