Wednesday, September 06, 2006

China Day 3: Shanghai Oriental Pearl Tower

Heaps of heated negotiation today. Scary business stuffs. It was at the government research center and the lunch was like those in military service. And we were 'privileged' enough to sit in the military personnel room (军人室), the food are ok, but the presentation was very different compared to other meals we had in those posh VIP. But the watermelon was impressive. Very sweet and fine, and even the usual white part close to the skin are very nice. :D~
And also we were offered bottled water that the astronauts drink. :P

We had dinner back in the hotel in a posh VIP room. Hugh table and golden cutlery.

But the highlight of the day was a tour to the Oriental Pearl Tower. We went through the whole thing - the middle deck, the top 'space cabin' (350m) and the Shanghai development museum. Very nice view of the whole shanghai night light. It's so huge that it's all buildings as far as the horizon can be seen. And the musuem has a very detail re-presentation of Shanghai of different time. Very very nice, but we were running late to the musuem part and were rushing through the whole thing....

Also, I got a good picture of the nine dragon pole on the 5-level highway. I was told that there were a myth: The location of the pole was the dragon neck in fengshui as told by a chief monk of a temple after repeated failure to drill the piling into that location. Then the monk finally revealed a specific time and method to drill and it was successful after that but the monk died straight after due to the revelation of heavenly secret. Nine dragons statue was put on as part of the solution by the monk.

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