Monday, December 25, 2006

Bosnia pyramid search

I came across this possible pyramid awhile ago when it was first discovered. Now Malaysian has role in the Bosnian pyramid find! And as I follow the link to the official website, I found more interesting video and coverage about this exciting discovery.

Personally, I think it's very possible that there is a pyramid there. And hope that the discovery work won't destroy the energy pattern and the very reason why it is there. I'm sure ShihChing will be very excited to know it's progress as well.

And under the Daily News tab of the website, the team is now in Malaysia meeting many prominent Malaysians there.


Anonymous said...

you can get more informations, updates, videos, pictures and much more at the bosnian pyramid community

Tzu Yen said...

Cool. Thanks!

||NeX|| said...

've read an interesting article on Bosnian Pyramid about the corners of the pyramid. It would be an easy way to proof quickly the existence, but they dig near the corners but not the corners. Then they've dug something on the top of it, but not the top!? I've seen some pictures on that really let me think again about this whole thing. Every day I believe less in this mystery.