Sunday, December 17, 2006

Chia and Joanne's ROM

Ah Chia and Joanne are engaged! Congratulations!!!

The Registration ceremony was held on last Sunday in Singapore and now only I get the photos together and post it here.

I was in transit back from Shanghai to Perth in Singapore then, my flight arrived at Changi airport at 5:30am, met up with YongQin and KokWee at around 7am. They brought me to have some Roti Canai and zuige (rice cake with fried salty radish). KokWee thought the Roti is really bad quality, but it was enough to satisfy me as I haven't had it for a long time. :P
Then we hanged around at their flat and the water front area not far from their place before we headed to the place Chia and Joanne's ceremony took place.

The ceremony was simple and sweet. They both look great! Black and red, classic! I took heaps of photos, the two models are great! :) After the ceremony, we went to a nearby park to took more artistic shots. That was nice too.

And we had a group photo for the University of Tasmania alumni presented there. It was a pity that Albert didn't make it.

We had a buffet lunch after the ceremony, then YongQin, KokWee and myself went to a nearby Fire museum, a digital superstore, and a camera shop. By then we were all exhausted. We went back to their place to rest a bit, loaded the photos into their computer and then it was time for me to get back to airport again.

I got back to Perth at 1:40am, took bloody half an hour to get my luggage and long queue at quarantine. My housemate waited for me for almost an hour, by the time we got home, it was 3:30am! And it wasn't bad enough, my housemate was leaving to China at 10am that day. So I sent him to airport at 8am and really struggled to kept my mind alert to drive home safe. I really had to make every effort to move my body every couple of second so that my eye won't close. It didn't feel that bad at that time, but thinking back, it was rather tough.


Anonymous said...

Congratulation Chia and Joan, well done!!!


for tzuyen, i think you'll better if if you guys swap the key at the airport....


Tzu Yen said...

Then my housemate will have to sit in the airport for 5 hours. No no no...

Anonymous said...

Oh.. how nice!!! Thanks for sending me this news. Really really happy for both of them.
Are they staying in Singapore now?? Why do you always have to go to China?
Anywyas.. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!