Friday, December 01, 2006

Dec China Trip Day 1

I got on to the flight at 2am 1/12. Singapore airline. There was no drama from Perth to Singapore. I watched a Chinese movie "Dragon Tiger Gate" and got 2 hours of sleep. Then we were in transit in Singapore Changi airport for 3 hours. Spent most of the time in the transit lounge, enjoying some foot massage and reading my book. I gave couple of friends and family a call, free call in Singapore, why not? :P We hopped on to the plane again at 10am to Shanghai.

The S'pore-Shanghai flight was more of a drama. The Shanghai Pudong airport was having some military exercise and was closed when we arrived. So we could not land then and had to detour to Nanjing and landed there to wait. So I'd been to Nanjing too, haha! Anyway, we were in Nanjing for about an hour before we flew back to Shanghai airport when they are open again... Altogether 3 hours delay. And I got a lot more sleep because of that.

We stay at Ramada hotel. Not bad. RMB450 a night. We had dinner at the restaurant in the hotel. I like the food too. Good that there's no sharkfin tonight and have plenty of vegies. The Nan2ru3 fatty pork is very tasty too, very fat, but yummy.... :a

I didn't take much photo today. I was busy at the dinner table as we've been 3 hours behind, so they tried to get some things sorted out during dinner. But I still managed to eat to my stomach's content. :D So full now...

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