Monday, November 07, 2005

Happy Birthday to me :)

Yeah! It's my birthday! I turned 26th.
My housemate, Zheng (or Leo) called me at 11 something and asked me to come back from uni to help him with his EE exam. So I came back with a little suspician as he never really called me at that time for this kind of thing, he usually just wait for me to come back, and the time was rather spot on.... Well anyway, it may just be my own thoughts. So I just came back as normal and he did have some problems for me and I helped him as usual.
Then he played a video for me to watch and I was happily watching that without having much other braincells to think about anything else... He went out of the room and suddenly a big crowd rushed into the room with candles on cake. =.=!!!

As a scout, I learned to "be prepared". I kind of think it may happen or it may not. But I was truely surprised by the number. The undergrads are all having exams so I was quite touched that they take the time out to join my birthday celebration. :)
I'm so blessed with my friends, you.

Thank you!

We had the song ceremmony, wishes, blow candles, cake cutting (not touching the bottom to avoid having green baby). Then eveyone was busy munching the delicious cake. I was requested to play the guitar and sing a song. So I did, it was a pleasure to sing a song to wish myself happy birthday and another to thanks for the friendships. After that it's all chitchatting, till almost 4am.

The song was video recorded. And I watched it the next day. It was strange that for the first time in my life, I like my own voice and guitar sound. The weird yeeeerrr feeling of listening to my own voice is not there anymore, and I actually enjoy listening to the song. :)
I think I just learnt

to appreciate and acknowledge my abilities instead of denying or being embarrassed by them.



Crossdove said...

Happy birthday tzuyen!

sook mei

yang said...

Hi hi, here to wish you a happy birthday. You are always such helpful. I was one of the students that learn a lot from him when i was undergrad in EE in UTAS. Same as the crowd :) Success!

Aishan said...

Reading your blog was an interesting thing to do, esp at 10am in the office! hehe. I will try to do this more often to keep up with your life. how can I listen to the happy birthday song you sang for yourself?