Monday, November 28, 2005

It could have been an explosion!!

petrol station accident

It was at Claremont at around 6:50pm today. I finished filling up my petrol and was cleaning up the windscreen. I saw a car drove in on the other lane, I moved closer to my car to minimise the chance of being knocked down but I wasn't really worry or even looking at the car. I was moving quite slow.

Suddenly, BANG! It accelerated into the pumping station!! The station was heavily damaged and seconds later, petrol started flowing out!!!
Then the driver came out of the seemingly-brand-new car and only then realised how bad it was! She seemed devastated, so was he.

I walked towards the shop and waved at the station-keeper about the accident. By then the petrol had wet the floor and started flowing to the street.
I went into my car and drove off the danger zone. And before I drove off the station, I stopped the car on the side, took the camera out and documented the accident.

If there was some naked flame, could it exploded like in the movie? All flame came out and I flew off.... :P

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Phil said...

Wow, I would've thought that they would be more sturdily constructed. That's kind of scary!