Friday, November 18, 2005

We went up

The School is regrouping and relocating postgrads students to put them into the same research group. I have been 'living' in G.01 for two year+ and we moved two floor up to 2.09 today.

pk, danno and me took the benches off the lab on Thursday and we all moved our desk and computer up today. The natural light is good in there, but it's further away from everything good - the toilet, water, and my house! But closer to the undergrads lab and tutorial room.

A cool video documenting our moving in activities is linked here for your visual pleasure. Well, we're computer vision research group, it makes sense to have this.
move_in_2.09vbr.mpg (29.5MB)

Apparently, this moving up event has been widely reported.

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