Friday, July 29, 2005

Bored in Lab

Well, this is the first week of teaching in Computing for Engineers and Scientists (CES105). I had a tute at 10am and lab from 11am-1pm.
The lab is really simple this week, just log on and getting familiar with the Linux environment and firing up Matlab. Several students has problems with account not available due to late enrolment.

Quite a lot of them wants to change their password. I couldn't remember the passwd command, tried with chpw, pwchange, etc. =.=!
Then a student pointed out that it can be done under Redhat > ControlCenter > Security&Privacy > Password&UserAccount > ChangePassword. And somehow one student can't change it until he changed the new password to have a leading uppercase?! Finally a student pointed out the passwd command and it's like a lightbulb lit up in my brain. Haha! :)

By 12pm, half the lab is empty. Now 12:30pm, I'm dead bored. There are still 3 students working on next week lab (probably already finished) and they don't want any help. So, here I am, blogging in the lab. :P

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