Monday, May 02, 2005

Battery gone flat AGAIN!

Stupid me! I left the headlight on after coming back from airport. It was still rather dark when I went to airport but it was all bright up when I came back. And I thought the car would beep if the light is on and I leave the car, Oh well, it didn't.

Kaz told me about it when he wanted to use the car, and I got Shih Ching to help me jump start it. The nice guy in Caltex station borrowed his own cable to me when I asked him about the price of the cable. I think I'll buy one and put it in my car sometimes...

Crap! :(

Shih Ching told me a good reminder: lock the car when you turn on the light, and when you want to leave the car, you'll be locked and remember to turn it off. I shall put it in practice!

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Anonymous said...

"I think I'll buy one and put it in my car sometimes..."

I think you should leave it in your car all the time :P