Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Papa mama Perth trip: Day 15 - Mama made big dinner

Shopping and cooking is today!

We went to Coles to do some shopping in the morning, then I went to school. Mama started her preparation for tonight dinner. We invited Nola and Rongxin upstairs for dinner tonight.

Mama made fried (pork+prawn+water chestnut) wrapped in beancurb sheet (炸腐竹皮肉卷), curry chicken, beer spare ribs and steam vegies. I cooked my Fuchow beancurb peppery&sour soup. All turned out well. I especially like the beer spare ribs, the beer fragrant exploded in my mouth when I bite the spare rib. Yummy!!!
Nola made dessert - blackberry pie with macadamia nut base & King island cream topping. Super fantastic good!

Papa mama went to bed early because they were exhausted by the whole day of cookings.

Tomorrow we are going to the Perth Zoo. Stay tuned.

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