Monday, May 16, 2005

Papa mama Perth trip: Day 14

Didn't do much today. Shopping, yumcha, shopping, rest.

We went to Subiaco to get fruits and vegies in the morning. Spent some time at an antiques and replicas shop which has quite some interesting stuffs from China. There are caligraphy masterpieces by Linzexu (林则徐) and Xushichang (徐世昌), and some interesting containers, vases, swords and even government contracts from Ching dynastic. Some, the shop owner believes to be real antiques while others are replicas.

Lunch was yumcha at Northbridge Chinese Restaurant (六福). It was a bit of a drama when I absent-mindedly left my car key locked inside the car, without even turning the engine off! (How the hell did that happened!) Well, luckily Kaz, my housemate was at home and nice enough to bring me the spare key for the rescue. While I was waiting for him in the carpark, I played the games on my mobile phone the first time - Bantumi was like Congkak game I used to played back in Malaysia.
We had great yumcha at the restaurant with Kaz and Akira, my two lovely Japanese housemates joining us. The food are great! Fantastic charsiew bao, chickenfeet, siewmai, gaochoi gao, etc.. almost all chicken, pork and prawn dishes. very very good! But the chiongfun was not up to standard, thick and taste a bit floury. The dessert - mango pudding and coconut jelly are so so too, wouldn't order those again.
Also, it's pricey! More expensive than other yumcha places.

After the good meal, we went to the upper William Street - the grocery stretch to get some meat and Chinese groceries supply for tomorrow night big dinner.

Nothing much happen after we came home. Just rest, eat, play some guitar and sleep.

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