Sunday, May 08, 2005

Papa mama Perth trip: Day 6

We went Subiaco Station Street Market today. Bought lots of vegies and fruits, as well as a couple of weird funny little toys. Had Indian rice with lamb curry, dhal, spinach, pumpkin and chickpea for lunch. Papa mama like it.
In the afternoon, I went for my usual Saturday Taichi and table tennis sports routine.

After dinner, we went to a Church play. It's at Hamersley, about half an hour drive from my place. Jason invited me, his dad is in it. :D
The play is named "Ah Ying & Ah Xing" (阿英&阿星), the story is about this Ying girl got into drug and the boyfriend Xing wants to help to get her out. Ying's dad is a taxi driver who work long hours and Ying's mom enjoys making herself pretty and playing mahjong with her friends more than taking care of the family. Ying has no one at home to really talk to and she turns herself into drug when she got into a bad gang of friends. Xing on the other hand has close relationship with his parents although his dad is working overseas. And they have strong faith in Christ.
Ying fainted in a park due to drug overdose one day, hospitalised and investigated by police. Her mom visited her in the hospital, had a big quarrel (which is one of the highlight) with her and decided to give up. She then become even more rebelious after.
Eventually bla bla bla, Xing got her out of drug by bringing her to church and her druggy friends also accepted Christ and turn over a new leaf.
They also cleverly use an appropriate song to fill in the blank between each scene. So they have a choir of about 10 people and a band with keyboard, drums, violin, bass and electric guitar.

I afterwards found out that the play is actually written by one of the church member who's formally a HK TV series script writer and director!! It was a very well done play, lots of laughters and tears.
Jason's dad played the policeman, a funny character. Rina and family was there as well.

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