Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Papa mama Perth trip: Day 8

We didn't do much today. Papa mama went for a walk to the end of Broadway and finally got to the river that they couldn't find last week. It took them 2 hours to walk there and back. They were all sweaty when they got back, it was pretty warm today.

We finally booked the campervan this afternoon. It was quite fully booked. The Pioneer that I initially think of getting is booked out till June so we have to settled for the smaller Hi-top. And due to availability, we postpone our trip for a week, so we'll leave for Monkey Mia on 19th and be back by 24th.
Alessandro told me about a company called Britz that does campervan rental, so I called up their office in Perth and got a quote. I then check the internet and found backpackercampervan, called them on the 1800 freecall number and got a cheaper quote of the same condition! And the operator told me that they operate Britz as well?! Strange...

Dinner tonight was great! Mama cook mapo tofu, stirfry bok choy and seaweed soup. Papa mama said the seaweed and bok choy taste a lot better than those back home.

We went to the broadway jetty again tonight. Not raining like last week so we stayed a bit longer. Papa was very keen on checking out the fishing conditions. He can't wait to have his hand on. (Well we'll go fishing on Wednesday morning.)
We also went for a walk around UWA after that and saw the uni at night.

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