Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Papa mama Perth trip: Day 16 - Perth Zoo

We went to Perth Zoo today.

I thought it's half price Tuesday at Perth Zoo but it turned out to be Wednesday. :(
Well, I have lab on Wednesday anyway. So even if I know earlier, we won't be able to make it on Wednesday...

They have Ipod for hired there. For $3, we get an Ipod loaded with animal information. So, we just choose the animal and play it when we want to know more about the animal. I thought it'll be way cooler if it's bluetooth-enabled and at every animal station there's a transmitter telling the Ipod what animal it is and it'll just play the info of the animal... It's a good start, they'll get there one day...
And to my surprise, I get to keep the earphone when I return the Ipod! Another bodiless headset lying around. :P

We spent a good 6 hours in the zoo. Several cool animal to note: big crocodile upclose, long brushy tail monkey, very human-like Orang utan, weird lizard with tail looks very much like its head, elephants showing off their skill, playful otters running around nonstop, cute fat wombat, etc..

It's great fun going to the zoo. It always reminds me the song that goes like: "Let's go to the zoo, the zoo is very ?good?, the animal is beautiful... there are lion, tiger and leapard....".
Can't remember if it's an advertisement song from Zoo Negara or something from KFC??!! And there are some other weird versions of the it that get my memory mixed up....

We're going up north to Monkey Mia in campervan on Thursday. Time to get everything sorted out and ready!

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