Thursday, May 12, 2005

Papa mama Perth trip: Day 11 - Carousel Shopping center & Perth Night at Mill Point

I woke up early and went to school to do some work while papa mama were still sleeping. I came home for lunch and found out that they went to Broadway jetty and did some fishing. They got nothing but blowfish (globefish), :P

Mama made sushi for lunch. Nice! :D~

I went back to school after lunch to attend visvis(Vision & visualisation research group) seminar. Today Hongchuan presented a complete invariant descriptor that can handle translation & rotation. Pretty cool talk!

After dinner, we went to Carousel shopping complex in Cannington. We went there last Sunday when it was close, today we finally got to see it. It's my first time in there as well. We only managed to walk through the left side of the complex.

We then went to Mill Point Road at South Perth to see Perth city skyline at night. A bit cold there. We took lots of photos. :D

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