Friday, May 06, 2005

Papa mama Perth trip: Day 5

Papa mama went for a walk to the river themselves while I went to school in the morning. They didn'eventually didn't make it to the river because it's quite far away and they weren't sure if they took the right route, however, they saw some nice hibiscus and flaky-trunk trees on the way.

I came back in the afternoon and we went to Harbourtown. I navigated and Papa drove. He was a bit nervous and it's like a character swap compared to how he used to instruct me to drive back home and I was all sweatily nervous! We made it to Harbourtown after some U-turns. It was my first time there too although it was opened in late 2003.

Harbourtown basically a shopping complex where many big brands have their discounted factory outlets there. Most things are still quite pricey to my standard after the discounts. We a couple of hours strolling from shops to shops. Mama checked out those woman clothings while Papa and I ran off to search for a nice pair of shoes for Papa. Papa wears a new boots-type shoes here and it's not very comfortable for walkabout.

We saw a pair of nice HushPuppy shoes but decided to see the Nike shop before the final decision. We spent a good hour plus in Nike shop trying out many pairs of shoes. The heavily discounted $30 ones don't have the right size or features. So we were there scratching the head on which one to get... Papa finally had his eyes on a brown-colour rugged-looking pair while Mama got a silver-colour modern-looking pair. There goes my headache for Mother's day and Faher's day presents, they chose their own. :D But easy present ideas comes with big price though... :b Well, at least I know they really like the shoes. That's the most important thing. :)
We also bought many caps because they are on $2 super sale!!! It's good quality Nike cap that is usually $20-$30!! I was very happy with that because I got a matching yellow cap for my yellow jumper.

The food are not bad in the Harbourtown too, Mee Goreng and Seafood Horfun at the Noodle Inn are very authentic, especially the horfun, very good. The sotong(squid) and prawns in it are very fresh and taste fantastic!

One thing wierd about Harbourtown is the parking. 1-4 hours parking cost $1-$4 proportionally. But 5 hours cost $8! A big increase! It doesn't make sense to me!! I realised it when I put some stuffs back into the car before second round shopping. It was just about to hit 4 full hours. So I paid it and drove the car out the carpark, did a u-turn and came back in again, saved $3 in <5 minutes of hassle. Somehow the pay machine gave me $1 short of change and I had to press the 'get assistance' button to get the security and he refunded me the $1 manually.... Rather strange.

After we came out of Harbourtown, I drove to Northbridge to show papa mama how Perth Friday night is like at where it happens. We also had some Bubble Tea at Utopia - Strawberry flavour with Redbean Sago - my favourite. They like it, although it took some practice to suck the sagos up without spilling or chocking. :P


Anonymous said...

Wow .. you just wrote your entire post talking about pricing. :P

Were the bubble teas better than back home?

Tzu Yen said...

Not the whole lah, there are other info hidden in between alos. ;)

Bubble tea back home? Hmm... I actually had my first BBT in Perth, was BBT available back home before 98?