Monday, May 02, 2005

Papa mama Perth trip: Day 1

Didn't do much today.
They caught up with a bit of rest they lost due to the night flight. There went the morning.
For lunch, it was my homemade turkish bread sandwich with chicken breast, tomato, sprout, mushroom and cheese. They love it. :)~
Then we chatted and toured around the house, checked out some of my stuffs, prepared for dinner, and went for a walk around UWA, took several photos just before it got all dark.
Then it was dinner - Mom's homecooking. :P~
At night, we went to Broadway Fair for a walk and then the Jety at the end of broadway. But before we could walk past Jojo the restaurant, it started to rain. Then there goes the night out.
Set up bed and then bath and now I'm here ready to Zzzz... (when my hair is dry).

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